Services to the Property Industry

The Group is principally involved with advising on matters affecting commercial, rural, residential and leisure property. It also provides long term NYC parking, corporate finance advice, property and venture capital funding and a range of property related financial services. Operations are conducted internationally through six business streams: Transactional Advice The Transactional Advice business stream comprises […]

Cube Trunk Storage

Woodgrain Cube Trunk Can be used as:  End table  Storage  Night Stand  File Cabinet  Plant Stand  Magazine rack and more! These trunks are sturdy wood construction covered with oak or cherry simulated woodgrain finish. (oak shown)  Features include:  Heavy duty stay hinges  Handles for easy lifting  Brass-plated hardware  Tongue and groove closure  Brass-plated rivets for […]

Ozone Therapy

WHAT IS OZONE? Ozone (O3) is a clear blue gas and is the finest natural bactericide, viricide and fungicide known to science. WHAT CAN OZONE DO? •Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites and protozoa •Stimulates the immune system, speeds healing •Cleans arteries and veins, improving circulation •Purifies the blood and the lymph •Oxidises toxins, facilitating […]

Benefits of Fluoroscopy.

Spinal injections performed by NJ Spine & Orthopedic conform to the standards set by the International Spinal Injection Society (ISIS) and include routine fluoroscopic guidance, a stored record of x-ray images documenting the procedure, and patient follow-up with outcomes measurement. pain source is precisely identified and targeted techniques can be employed at all levels of […]

Protecting Our Alloys Through Studies

Our company is now participating in round-robin and blind-study testing with Analytical Reference Materials Inc. and Alpha Resources, Inc. to ensure standardization and normalization of its methods and instrumentation.  As a result of these independent testing trials, Our company efforts are now assisting in the certification process of many certified reference materials now domestically produced! […]