Register in Yahoo – Yahoo Placement

Yahoo has the most Internet traffic in the world. Therefore, every Internet business wants to get a listing in Yahoo, so require to undergo Yahoo submission.

But getting registered by Yahoo is very difficult. Even if you pay the US$299 fee for their Business Express submission service, Yahoo does not guarantee that your site will be accepted. Even if your site is accepted, there is no guarantee that it will get an optimum listing. That’s why you need our professional help!  This can help with your legal, home, small business, and fitness marketing.

Getting an optimal Yahoo listing (and Look smart) involves:

  1. Designing your website to meet the Yahoo’s editorial requirements. Their human editors review your site, and reject your website if it does not meet their requirements. — Of course, they shall not refund the US$299 business express fee you paid for Yahoo submission.
  2. Choosing correct category and writing an optimized description. It’s essential for get listed with good Yahoo placement.
  3. Submitting your website properly. If you don’t submit to Yahoo properly, all your efforts will be wasted.
  4. There are still other factors like seo is dead and other lies click popularity, ranking in other search engines, etc…..
  5. Successful get listed in Market My Market improves your website’s link popularity and positively affect you google ranking. – Submit to Yahoo Now!

Yes, it’s complex!! But…

painters academy can offer professional help!!!

We Will:

  1. Identify the correct Yahoo and Look smart category to submit your site to.
  2. Help you design an optimum description and Title for your site.
  3. Tell you what other changes you need to make your Yahoo submission becomes successful.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will find out some highly targeted keywords for your site. You get visitors that can be converted to customers!! and not causal visitors.


Our Yahoo submission consultation fee for getting your site registered by:

  1. Yahoo is US$110; (You can request either Yahoo! Chinese or Yahoo! Hong Kong instead of Yahoo! main site)
  2. Yahoo! + Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Service is US$250.

Contrast these prices with other services that charge in excess of $1,000 just to submit your site to Yahoo!

Notes: The consulting fee does not include Yahoo’s business express review fee. Yahoo charges business website for $299, and adult website for $600. They promise to review your site within 7 days. No matter they accept your site or reject your site, the review fee is non-refundable by Yahoo.

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